# Title Time
1. "Rock Star" (Performed by Prima J) 3:24
2. "Fearless" (Performed by Daechelle) 3:39
3. "Love Is Wicked" (Performed by Brick & Lace) 3:42
4. "Rainy Day" (Performed by Janel Parrish) 3:18
5. "Open Eyes" (Performed by Bratz) 3:09
6. "Heartburn" (Performed by NLT) 3:22
7. "It's All About Me" (Performed by Chelsea Kane) 3:08
8. "Now Or Never" (Performed by Orianthi) 4:03
9. "Out From Under" (Performed by Joanna) 4:08
10. "In Crowd" (Performed by Sean Stewart) 2:32
11. "Express Yourself" (Performed by the Black Eyed Peas) 3:33
12. "My Life" (Performed by the Slumber Party Girls) 3:01
13. "Go Go" (Performed by Jibbs) 2:52
14. "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" (Performed by Alex Band) 2:52
15. "Saying Goodbye" (Performed by Matt White) 4:14
16. "Invisible" (Performed by Ashlee Simpson) 3:45
17. "Alter Ego" (Performed by Clique Girlz) 3:29
18. "Tell Me" (Performed by Dropping Daylight) 3:22
19. "If This Is Goodbye" (Performed by Lifehouse) 2:54
20. "Fabulous" (Performed by Chelsea Kane) 2:45
21. "Bratitude" (Performed by Bratz) 4:33
22. "Mistake" (Performed by Stephanie McIntosh) (Australian version) 3:20


  • A remix of "Impacto" by Daddy Yankee featuring Fergie was planned for the soundtrack, but was cut.
  • "Open Eyes" and "Bratitude" were originally recorded for this album by singer Stefanie Ridel, whose husband is the producer, Ron Fair.

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