Bratz Rock Angelz
Bratz Rock Angelz DVD cover
DVD cover.
Directed by Mucci Fassett
Produced by Mike Young
Bill Schultz
Written by Peggy Nicoll
Starring Olivia Hack
Soleil Moon-Frye
Tia Mowry
Dionne Quan
Wendie Malick
Lacey Chabert
Kaley Cuoco
Music by Matthew Gerrard
Editing by Michael Bradley
Distributed by MGA Entertainment
Release date(s) October, 4 2005 (USA)
Running time 73 minutes
Language English
Preceded by Bratz Starrin' & Stylin'
Followed by Bratz Genie Magic

Bratz Rock Angelz is the first feature-length direct-to-DVD Bratz movie. The movie, its soundtrack and its video games were all released in 2005.


In order of appearance:

  1. "Me & My Girls"
  2. "So Good"
  3. "Workin' Overtime"
  4. "Doin' It Right"
  5. "Only You"
  6. "Livin' It Up"
  7. "They Don't Understand Me"
  8. "Pretty 'N' Punk"
  9. "Let's Get to It"
  10. "Bratz TV Theme" (instrumental)
  11. "Makin' It Happen"

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