Year: 2004


  1. "Summertime Girl" by Melody Patron
  2. "Like To Party" by Craig Seganti
  3. "We Will Win" by Lex James
  4. "Sunny Life" by Detrimental
  5. "The End of End" by Over The Like
  6. "Clothes Make The Girl"
  7. "Party Up" by Keely Hawkes
  8. "I Stop by Your House" by Heather Bradley
  9. "These Girls" by Jennifer P
  10. "Here & Now" by Scott Nickoley and Jamie Dunlap
  11. "Our Time In The Sun" by Crashing The System
  12. "Girls Rule The World" by Jody Grant
  13. "It's Alright To Dance" by Eklektica
  14. "Funn Club's Party" by Funn Club
  15. "After All" by Crashing The System
  16. "Groovy You" by Nu Dae

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