"This Is Not Your Mother's Pink" is a song featured in the second episode of the Bratz TV show, "Not so Hot for a Teacher". It is performed by Josh Keaton and Charlie Schlatter as Eitan and Cameron respectively.


Eitan: Yo, bro, what do you think?
Cameron: Time's are hard, world's on the brink
Eitan: Don't wanna protest
Cameron: Don't wanna cause a stink
Eitan: Just wanna escape and not have time to think

Cameron: I like to check out all the chicks
Watch 'em walk
Eitan: Watch 'em slink
Cameron: In clothes so fine
Eitan: This is not your mother's pink
Cameron: Oh, no, no
This is not your mother's pink (Eitan: Not your mother's pink)
Eitan: Uh uh uh, I said it's not your mother's pink
Cameron: Tell me Eitan, not your mother's pink
Eitan: It's not your mother's pink
Together: Word

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