Yeah, yeah
Ooh, uh huh

Any trouble comes our way, we're ready when you are
We got everything under control, yeah
We don't have to be afraid, we'll sing our victory song (come on)
Got all the strength we need, we're good to go

Any place, any time, we stand up for what is right
And this time, one thing is for sure (oh, oh)

We can win, yes we can
And the time has come (oh, oh) for us to take a stand (yeah, yeah)
We can win (oh yeah), yes we can
Everybody get up, it's time to take a stand (oh)

Uh huh, oh yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That's right, uh
Uh huh, oh yeah

We got what it takes, uh
We can save the day, uh huh
Nothing's ever gonna slow us down
In our hearts we believe, yeah (uh huh)
We'll never be defeated, oh yeah
Let me hear you say it now

We can win, yes we can
Everybody get up (yeah), it's time to take a stand (yeah)

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